Covering Up and Taking It All Off

The Summer Sun is here at last!

At this time of year our minds inevitably wander to how we’ll look when we’re on the beach, or perhaps making the most of the sun in our local park or playing field.

We’ve spent the last 3 months of our lives slavishly avoiding all the foods and drinks that we love nothing more to gorge on – all for the sake of losing those previous few pounds that will make us look that extra bit attractive when it comes to pulling our kit off. However, we sometimes spend so much time and energy worrying about these superficial things, that we forget to think about the other surface level details that may well be giving us an insight into possible diseases that we might be developing.

This Summer, whilst you’re getting changed at the gym or pulling on joggers at home, take some time to have a look at yourself in the mirror. Instead of staring forlornly at the mirror desperately hoping for those abdominal muscles to materialise out of thin air, try and look for abnormal lumps or skin anomalies – these could well be markers of a developing disease or condition.

Whilst it’s not wise to spend hours agonising over your body and it’s appearance, it is sensible to occasionally give yourself a good check over, so that you can confidently strip off at the beach without the fear of an unexpected blemish or unsightly mole appearing out of nowhere. There are many different kinds of perfectly natural moles and marks that appear on the body, so if you do find something out of the ordinary, then don’t panic. Simply make a note of where it is and book in to see your GP, if the mark is still there in a week’s time. If the mole proves to be merely cosmetic then you should be able to have it taken off with the use of a laser mole removal procedure.

The appearance of unusual moles can often occur during or after radiation therapy treatment sessions. Although the appearance of a cluster of dark moles is often seen as a perfectly natural reaction to the treatment, it’s still worth consulting your GP or dermatologist about this, just to make sure that the moles that you’ve got are nothing too serious.

Here at Target Breast Cancer we’re using the arrival of the Summer sun to remind all of our suppliers and designers to check their bodies for any moles or mark which could be a sign of something much worse. We want to get as many people as possible checking themselves and checking each other more regularly so that we can all be confident in our bodies and our overall health. After all, the Summer’s a time when we relish being outside, enjoying the Sun, meeting people and having fun. The last thing you want to be doing, when the weather’s as nice as it is, is worrying about someone seeing the strange mark that you’ve been hiding on your back for the last few months.

So make sure that you keep on checking yourself throughout the Summer; it’s crucial that you stay vigilant, but most of all – make sure you have fun!