Simple, Effective Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for a Breast Cancer charity can be a great way to support a friend who has recently been diagnosed.

Breast cancer can be a heavy burden to carry for a lot of people, with many people feeling isolated or depressed after they’ve been diagnosed with the condition.

During these tough times, a single act of kindness or support can often prove to be the turning point in someone’s recovery. You should never underestimate the impact that your support can have on your friend or colleague’s recovery. There are all sorts of actions that you can take to let them know that they have your support. It could be as simple as giving them a hug, taking them out for a coffee or just taking time to ask them how they are – sometimes the most routine of gestures can make all the difference.

Should you wish to take your support one step further then you could consider organising a fundraising activity or event that will raise money for a relevant charity. If you choose to do this, it’s best to be as open about it as possible. Although it might be tempting to keep your efforts as a surprise for your friend, you might want to avoid making them feel like you’re taking pity on them. Instead, talk to them about organising or doing something together, so that they can feel involved and engaged.

Here are a few ideas of fundraising activities that you can do with a friend who is receiving cancer treatment:

Organise a bake sale

Although your friend might be feeling as burnt out as a broken Belling oven element, that shouldn’t stop you from taking the lead in organising a bake sale.

You can either look to see if there’s a coffee morning happening locally that you can sell cakes at, or organise one of your own either at work or your local community centre. Get talking to your colleagues and make sure there’s enough cake to go round – you can then donate all the proceeds towards a charity of your choice.

Run a sponsored race

Despite cancer treatment often having a serious impact on an individual’s physical fitness, it’s still a good idea for patients to get out and about. Find a short-distance race (5 kilometres is a good distance to start with) and see if your friend is interested in running it with you.

If the challenge is a bit too much for them you can still use it as an excuse to go out for a walk with them. Start a Just Giving page to raise some money for a cause and share it on social media to reach as many people as possible.

Organise a big event

If you’ve got the time to spare, organising a ticketed charity event can be a great way of both raising awareness and having a good time. Set a date, find a venue, hire acts or performers for your special night and organise catering so that no one goes hungry – then it’s down to you to sell the tickets!

You can keep costs down by seeing if you can get discount rates because of the charitable purpose behind your event – and don’t be shy about telling the local press about it, they could help publicise it for you.