Equip Yourself For Success: Hats, Apps and Friends!

We’ve got all the tips and trick you need to succeed in your next Fun Run!

Train smart

The internet is your tool. It doesn’t matter what distance you’re planning on running; in order for you to go the distance you need to prepare properly. There are loads of great tools online that you can use to help get you into shape for your race including apps, guides and blogs.

Our best recommendations for beginners is the NHS’ Couch to to 5k Podcast. This is perfect for those of you who have never ran properly before. Using simple instructions provided via a downloadable mp3 file you’re instructed to run, jog and walk in intervals. The intensity of each session is increased over time allowing you to ease your way into running a non-stop 5k and even go further at a later date.

Invest in good gear

As much as a poor workman shouldn’t blame their tools, it’s true with running that the kind of equipment you use can negatively impact your performance. Running is a sport that can have some serious physical effects on your body, especially if you don’t train properly, or if you choose to skimp out on the right equipment.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to spend money on doing a fun run for charity, it’ll be better for your health in the long run if you invest in good gear now. You can save money by buying Adidas wholesale gear online or shopping for clearance items at warehouse shops. It’s also important to wear the right clothes for the weather. It doesn’t matter how hot you might think you’ll get when you start running, if it’s cold outside pull on a pom pom hat and a pair of warm gloves!

Run with a friend

If you’re new to exercise and are finding it difficult to get motivated to go out running by yourself then consider finding a friend or family member to run with you!

Running with someone else has been proven to improve performance, that’s why athletes train in teams!

It doesn’t matter if you’re at different skill levels or if your goals are different, as long as you can both get each other out of the house and run at a comfortable pace together then it’s worth having a training partner. Once you start to get a little competitively minded, you’ll be able to spur each other on even more.

Go at your own pace

It’s crucial to start your preparation as early as possible so that you can give yourself as much time as possible to scale up your training. When it comes to the race day you’ll want to run faster and it’s key that your body is prepared for this increase of intensity. The earlier you start your training the longer you can take to scale up your distance and speed, but it’s important to make notes of how you feel after each run so that you understand how your fitness is progressing.

Use a running app

Technology is on your side, now more than ever! There are so many different apps to help you track your progress that it might be hard to pick one. Our top recommendation, if you’re looking for a fun social way of tracking your runs is Strava.

Essentially the Facebook of the fitness world, this app allows you to track your runs (swims and cycles as well!) so that you can see where you’re going and how fast you’re going. The app tracks more than just times, it’ll gauge your pace, present you with graphs to show how fast you go over time and will also compare your times with other people – best of all it’s absolutely free!